Gear News

The iconic drummer just launched a shop selling a TON of his gear!

Don't worry, you only need 11 fingers for this.

Streamlining your workflow isn't just to make your job easier - it's a necessity to stay competitive.

Why always on Father's Day? That's some serial killer shit right there.

For when you gotta give your tone a lil' squeeze.

Electro-Harmonix Battalion, reporting for duty sir.

The makers of some of the planet's godliest heavy amps dive headfirst into Grandpa's guitars territory.

A limited edition Explorer with some of Lee's signature touches.

A pocket-sized modular synth at a price point you can't afford not to buy.

The one drum plugin collection to rule them all.

Advanced sampling/modeling tech = the best sounding virtual synths out there

Bald heads, beards, and bass tones: is there anything better?

The world loses an absolute legend.

It may not make you one of the the most disciplined combatants in all of history, but it'll sure make

All the toney goodness from metal-producing legend Will Putney!