Gear News

A set of his two favorite pickups, that is.

Live from the Oakland Metro on the band's tour with Between The Buried And Me.

For those of you who like the M80 Bass D.I.+ but wanted something smaller and don't need distortion.

I guess this is the theme for Monday. Let's roll with it.

And for his CreativeLive class he has Sleeping Giant singer Tommy Green in tow.

Essentially it's one of their POD floorboards with the AMPLIFi's connectivity.

He doesn't want you in there anymore. So he has a Creative Live class to get you out.

You don't have to tell me anything else about the design, Matt. You had me at "dry tumble."

And by the way, they also have new 7-string models of the Drop & Gain and Nitro Hemi pickups.

He's tracking the record to 2" tape because once you've walked out of a church to play a guitar solo

ESP Guitars are sponsoring a trio of meet and greet sessions with the band

With these unique synth tones your drumming certainly won't be ig-Nord.

I'd watch that for a