Channel Ritchie Blackmore With CATALINBREAD’s Two New Pedals

Catalinbread is continuing their legacy of colorful stompboxes that pump out some seriously crunchy tones with the new, Ritchie Blackmore-inspired Dreamcoat and Skewer pedals.


First is the Dreamcoat, whose tone replicates the exact specs of the Aiwa TP-1011 reel-to-reel preamp that Blackmore used to get a little fuzz in his tone. The Dreamcoat offers everything from cleans to anything but, with a “Sat” control to give you an extra bump. The Dreamcoat also has a built-in frequency booster circuit to give you a richer tone, and a clean blend circuit that begins after the frequency boost and ends after the tape preamp, allowing you to EQ the sum of your tones.

Then there’s the Skewer, which is modeled after Blackmore’s old Hornby-Skewes Treble Booster. The Skewer allows players dial in the desired frequency range, as well as control the amount of boost. Players can also change up the amount of transistor gain for some added boost. The Skewer includes the Blackmore-style Treble Booster, which is fully adjustable via the trimpot inside, as well as a noise reduction filter and anti-pop switch circuitry.

Both pedals are available here as a box set retailing for $299.99. After one month, the pedals will be available only separately for about $360.