This 17-String Guitar Is The Final Harbinger Of The Apocalypse

EDIT: Olson Guitarworks did not build this guitar – he is a fraud, here is the full story.



Well, it’s been nice knowing you all. The end is upon us, and I know this because the final boss of all ERGs has been unveiled – an Olson Guitarworks 17 string guitar commissioned by YouTuber Jared Dines for his upcoming Djent 2017 video, the third in the series.

Sure, it looks like a monumental piece of shit, and it’s likely going to sound like it too, but it’s all in good fun, so I’m looking forward to this shitfest quite a bit. I’m mostly curious where the luthier even found a camera to shoot that kind of potato quality in 2017 – he must have imported a flip phone from 2004 special just for his page. Literally any child in America has a 4k camera in their pocket dude, just ask.


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  • The pink tricycle in the corner really ties the jpeg-ness together.

  • That guitar uses a whole tree?

  • It was a blown up instagram photo…

  • “I play 17 string guitars because vagina hates me.”

  • “We were so busy asking if we COULD we forgot to ask if we SHOULD…..”

  • Running down other musicans is a sure fire way to improve your chops.

  • In case someone didn’t know, as it’s been discovered now, the dude’s a fraud. As if it wasn’t already clear with those pics, this Olson guy is no luthier; he’s just a pothead that buys cheap guitars on Aliexpress and sells them at 3x or 4x their price to the unsuspecting victims. He’s been doing it for some time now, but now he’s been dumb enough to try to scam a “celebrity”, and obviously the trap’s been discovered. Now he’s simply making excuses trying to run away with the money and closing up his social media profiles.

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