This 17-String Guitar Is The Final Harbinger Of The Apocalypse

EDIT: Olson Guitarworks did not build this guitar – he is a fraud, here is the full story.



Well, it’s been nice knowing you all. The end is upon us, and I know this because the final boss of all ERGs has been unveiled – an Olson Guitarworks 17 string guitar commissioned by YouTuber Jared Dines for his upcoming Djent 2017 video, the third in the series.

Sure, it looks like a monumental piece of shit, and it’s likely going to sound like it too, but it’s all in good fun, so I’m looking forward to this shitfest quite a bit. I’m mostly curious where the luthier even found a camera to shoot that kind of potato quality in 2017 – he must have imported a flip phone from 2004 special just for his page. Literally any child in America has a 4k camera in their pocket dude, just ask.


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