Gear News

Can a classic be improved? Or will this be New Coke?

I will also accept "It's a Unix System" and "I've Spared No Expense" as alternate headlines. Unfortunately "We Have a

We've met him, and know that he's a good guy.

Keeley has released the "Bassist Limiting Amplifier." It's two notches better than the "Bass" and "Basser" versions.

This amp modeling software was too big to be contained on your phone. Well, actually the installation size wasn't particularly

This ties in two things we like: mini things and OD pedals.

Careful, too much bass in your guitar playing might prevent you from getting laid.

They may look like space heaters, but what they'll really heat up is your music.

The Blotted Science mainman will release instructional videos detailing the theory and practice of Human Entomology.

The Unstoppable Killing Machine "Audio Boot Camp" continues to roll on. Can no one stop it? Well, no. Obviously. It's

U wot m8? Get Rect. The Lunchbox Revolution is now streaming.

Now SkyNet can transmit their orders directly into your ears.