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This spin on an old classic introduces active EQ into the equation.

Bonus: they won't leave pellets all over your pedalboard.

Because everyone has to start somewhere, and every musician should have at least a cursory idea on how tracking and

Following up on the release of the 20" ride cymbal a few months back.

Introducing the Harrison Custom Guitar Works "Alfa Romeo."

Assuming your iPad is full-sized, and not one of those little scrawny ones.

...that you argue about in person, assuming this Kickstarter gets funded.

You know how in Bill and Ted they wrote a song good enough to bring the planets into perfect alignment,

Shouldn't it be "Advanced Music Production Suite," grammatically speaking?

There's only 150 of these being made, due to the rare OC81D germanium transistors.

There's a fine line between overdrive and overkill.