Gear News

ESP Guitars are sponsoring a trio of meet and greet sessions with the band

With these unique synth tones your drumming certainly won't be ig-Nord.

I'd watch that for a

It kind of looks like a TV antenna, or the bones of a devoured fish

The killing machine part is included, but class is a paid upgrade

Yes, it runs on feet. I hope you have a lot of them.

Feel like filming your attempts to one-take a difficult song in front of a condescending audience of internet trolls? Of

Tat's a real nice looking guitar.

Except Buddy Rich. What is this, amateur hour kid? Get it together already? Know how many guys would kill for

For those of you who like to cram a lot of EL84s into tiny spaces.

This bass is a bad Mojo F-er. If you play it on the first fret of the E string

Oh, and now it's been rebranded as a Boss instead of Roland product, which makes sense.

An innovative stick bag? Sure, why not?