Gear News

The Subway Ultra-Lite bass cabinet is built like a crash-resistant piece of military gear.

Jay Postones may be the newest metal musician to dip his toes in the music merchant game.

I only listen to pre-post-rock, so I wouldn't know anything about it.

For when you just don't have enough fingers!

Also, he's out of Chelsea Grin.

Jared takes a break from djent comedy to demo his new toy!

Looking for a new challenge? Build yourself a fuzz pedal with this kit!

I've heard of a double bass but this is ridiculous.

Yours will probably look cooler than mine.

The Muffuletta fuzz is based on several 20th century classics.

Check out a demo of the company's guitar pre-eq pedal, the Bax Bangeetar

Dunable? I never have.

This would look pretty cool hanging over your fireplace, for extended fire range.