Gear News

It's pretty much everyone in metal condensed into a super-concert with a dangerous gravitational pull, and you can live stream

I'm trying to figure out the naming connection between a Gibson explorer and R2D2, but I'm at a loss.

But don't worry, the EQP-WA keeps the vintage blue color intact.

What if instead of cables, transformers, and plugs, your rig felt more like Legos, Lincoln Logs, and Tetris?

Cable and electronics giants have taken Beats by Dre to court.

Plus new signature Seymour Duncan "Alpha" and "Omega" pickups. I wonder which one's which

Including the welcome addition of another axe with an Evertune bridge.

New signatures from Javier Reyes and Gary Holt.

It's a new year, and Schecter has pulled back the curtain on what they've been working on.

We'll be kicking off the new year with a bang, including all the NAMM coverage you can stomach.

Bonus: you now have a great name for the villain in your Transformers fan-fiction.

I thought we were done with the extended range vitriol but I bet this brews up a whole new pot.

Your days of programming drums with a mouse are over.