Gear News

Lava Guitars made this incredible guitar from a chunk of ancient Baltic amber. It's priced accordingly.

A new Kiesel model that's just too damn tempting.

Don't delay! But also, definitely delay.

Big things come in small packages.

Gearcouch's Frank Fleckenstein demonstrates and rates the uber heavy Ampete One head.

The Romulus Heritage RBS is a classic with modern revisions.

Our boys in Drumforge just dropped a new transient shaping plugin to smash your drums with. It rules.

Megadeth's Dave #2 drops a chorus pedal with the Pro Tone fam!

For real. It's called the 'Turd Fuzz'. Iz only smellz.

Have listen to little Stevie Vai play his crispy new Legacy Drive tube preamp pedal.

I have a feeling this is because of all those 8-year-olds on YouTube that shred Racer X like nobody's business.

In a related story, POD Farm is living on a farm upstate where it frolics and roams free through the

Girth can be good in some cases, but not this one.