PROTOSEQUENCE – “Parasitic” Exclusive Drum Playthrough

Logan Vars of Protosequence kills his drums in this playthrough of the band’s single “Parasitic” off their 2017 EP Biophagous:


I’d never heard of Protosequence until this video was slapped across my desk, and for that, I feel ashamed. These guys are killer, and I will definitely be checking them out more now. If you like technical death metal a la The Faceless or Rings of Saturn, then this should go down smooth. Chock full of fast as fuck blast beats as well as some stonking tech-groove and an atmospheric mid-section, this tune has everything to keep the listener on their toes. Drummer Logan looks very comfortable and relaxed whilst playing some intricate and challenging stuff, this guy has a bright future and so do the rest of his band.

Logan uses the following:

Mapex Saturn series drums (13×9 rack tom, 16×16 and 18×16 floor toms)
Pearl 13×3 free-floating brass snare
Trick Bigfoot AL-2 Black Widow
Roland TD-12 drum module w/ RT 30K kick trigger
Various Sabian cymbals

Logan Vars proudly uses Mapex Saturn Series drums, Los Cabos 2B drumsticks, Trick Bigfoot Black Widow AL-2 pedals, and Evans Drumheads. Have a look at a snazzy picture of his setup here.

Go check ’em out, definitely worth your time.

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