Gear News

For those of you who want to pack your amp into a flight bag, but don't wish to spend $2000-3000

The Sean and Paul ratios on this tour are through the roof.

Is he tracking the next Foo Fighters record at each of those stops, or are those multi-studio rumors just coincidence?

TC loves pedals of all shapes and sizes.

They released the E101 Digitalamp way back in 1984.

The whole song, not just the break down.

The Cannibal Corpse/Blotted Science/Conquering Dystopia bassist gets his splatter going on blood red, the most evil of all reds besides

These guys won't let a break in stop them from sending you their metal.

Also, his philosophy on the difference between a lead and a solo.

Promote your endorsed software and avoid pissing off your neighbors in the process. Two birds, buddies.

Including the rare and elusive "Stradivarius," which is like the.. um, Strada

After creating like 50 different low-wattage amplifiers, Bogner is back with another 100 watt British-voiced screamer.

Because, you know, metal is loud, and stuff.

For those of you who love Animals as Leaders but hate having an 8th string.

When you stare into the quarter tones, it is said that they stare back into you.

The Fu Manchu/Sun and Sail Club guitarist says: "come loudly, or there will be