April 2015

Mastodon Find of the Week Redux-Redux-dux.

If you can walk far away from your amp, does that make your guitar extended range?

Mic shootouts and positioning galore!

A Brazilian metal band. No, that doesn't mean they're fully waxed.

EarlyRise, best for listening in Late Fall?

The best pranks from bands, Pro Audio manufacturers, and yours truly.

We dissect the influence of John Carpenter's 1981 masterpiece on Hideo Kojima.

Gear Gods editor Max reflects on speed running, and Metal Gear's place in it.

[caption id="attachment_11186" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Sorry, this one's not real. We can dream though, can't we?[/caption] Though Konami and Hideo Kojima are

The series' creator may have finally made good on his promise to make his next Metal Gear game his last.

The play mechanics of the series have never been stronger. If only the surrounding mission were more interesting.