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It won't take a lot of effort to heave-os this thing

Total Tone Tweaking for the Financially Irresponsible.

They made a few tweaks that supposedly are identical to the mods Eddie Van Halen had done on his amps.

What, that's not how you measure pedal sizes?

It just seems like that kind of day.

Born Of Osiris have pushed us one closer to a terrifying dystopian metal future, but on the plus side, Fear

These amps are mirroring the evolution of the full size Rectifiers, so soon we'll see a 3-channel mini that

Better than going blue ball crazy, I suppose.

Does Ibanez hold the record for the most signature guitar models?

The Stomp Head almost seems like a cool product, if it were half the price.

The Classic 500 is for those of you for whom 450 watts is too little, but 600, that would just

It's only been what, 50 years, since the last serious Fender bass redesign?

I know you wanted the cost on this thing to be dirt cheap, but money talks. Hopefully those who are

But the two manufacturers are taking very different approaches.

It also lets us use tech buzz words like "cloud" on a metal site.