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What's lacking in technical details is made up for in enthusiasm and evil staffs.

A badass hybrid rudiment lesson from instructor Mike Huestis.

What exactly is the "Necrotic Manifesto?" Is it a propaganda piece to sway our minds, convince us that our flesh

Thick Orange/Framus tones from the Danish Doommeisters.

A look at the bridge that prevents your guitar from ever going out of tune, on a guitar owned by

He released the first part of a drum tutorial series, because he cares about your growth as a human being.

The RJM-sponsored gear rundown focuses on his midi switching setup.

I hope you've caught this tour, because you many never get a chance for live Cloudkicker again.

The aptly named Dunable Custom guitars is open and all official-like. They have a website and everything.

I look forward to their upcoming thriller in which they communicate with The Dead to solve the mystery of who

He'd done a few songs there before, but now at last: "Atlas." Alas, it outlasts the amount of shredding you

If anything I'm just happy that more people on my side of the pacific will be more familiar with the