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For those of you who think it's the latter, you can Kickstart this wearable percussion and thigh drum all day

Because really, who would want to see that. Instead, he just plays the fuck out of the drums.

White is the new black, which was was a bit of a grey area before now.

Lets get nostalgic for some okay-to-terrible sounding amplifiers from yesteryear.

If you've wanted to lay down some synths but can't play the keyboard, and aren't the type to program it

I bet you-can't-er play metal with this much feel.

Live playthrough videos are the best playthrough videos.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to come up with a "rig rundown" pun based off of

An interview concerning all things percussive, including how to make your drums scale such a massive wall of guitars.

Disclaimer: the included photo is for dramatizational purposes only. Line6 is not actually made out of delicious smoked pork. Line6

Well, well, well, you just can't tell. Well, well, well Mark Michell.

Although any guitar, build quality aside, should be kept in a room with low humidity. You don't want it to

These NJ instrumetal weirdos are finally releasing their full-length now that they've broken up and moved on to other successful

Maybe he fills some of them with nacho cheese for mid-song snacking.

Have some behind the kit camera footage of a Glen Sobel drum solo. Alice Cooper may be borderline metal, but

You couldn't afford their guitars, now you can't afford their amps!