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But if you try to wipe with it I will beat you until you have no arms. It's a very

Hannes Grossmann Leaves the Metal in his Rearview Mirror and Eats a "James Brownie"

He's a drummer that's bean around the block, playing everything from groundcore to the new wave of Americano death metal.

They're found in Roland's Jupiter-80 keyboard and Integra-7 module.

You may have heard of him.

The tools of the trade for big Sabbathy riffs.

The Dredg drummer likes to keyboard while he drums while he whistles while presumably thinking about more keyboards.

What do you think, classic V shape or is anyone in the mood to boost some mids?

Last week we posted the first part of this mammoth interview with Candiria. It was long enough that we hadn't

A ribbon microphone without the usual ribbon high-end roll-off.

Personally I'd rather Street Fight parliament. I think that would be cooler.

This time it's a drum feature instead of an orchestra. But I like to think of drums as an orchestra

Except maybe if your amp sucks and you want an excuse to borrow a better one from that other band