10 Games to Play for Heavy Metal Fans

Let’s face it; we are just passionate about certain things. It is always good to combine your passions. Heavy metal fans will know just how much they enjoy the genre of music but might not be aware that they can combine it with a love of online gaming.  Perhaps you have been wondering what games are best for those who enjoy the thrashing and trashing of loud instruments! We have compiled a list of the top 10 games to play for heavy-metal fans.

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1. Twisted Metal

There is undoubtedly a clue in the title of this game. It is an epic racing game that requires players to be ruthless and reckless to win. There are also plenty of added weapons that you can use to crash your way through the opponents to the all-important finish line. It is a popular offering known for its twisted sense of humour and offers players a perfect time.

2. Splatterhouse

Splatterhouse could easily be the title of a heavy metal band, which makes the perfect choice for our second game. You take on the role of our very not remotely scary-sounding hero Rick and fight to the death in this gory, gruesome hand-to-hand combat game. However, Rick does have one neat trick; if he gets one of his limbs cut off, he can grow them back again.

3. Quake

Quake is a popular online gaming franchise that offers the perfect first shooter experience. It is a great heavy metal game, and your favourite band could make the ideal soundtrack to your action. It is one of those online championship games that becomes hyper-competitive, which is great if you love to win. So, crank the stereo up to level 11 and get your weapons blasting.

4. Brutal Legend

Another online game that is perfect for the heavy metal fan is Brutal Legend. This could make an excellent heavy metal band name, and the game is pretty good too. The cool thing is that you must use the power of heavy metal to save the day. The lead character Eddie Riggs is voiced by Jack Black, which we think is also perfect. So, if you want to pay homage to your favourite genre of music, this is certainly one game that will let you do so in an absolutely brutal way.

5. Halo

Another absolute classic is Halo, which is one of the most epic online gaming franchises ever released. It also happens to feature some of the most impressive gaming soundtracks you will ever have heard. While many are soothing and gentle, the hand-to-hand combat music is absolutely on the heavy-metal scale. So while you enjoy your action, you can either use the soundtrack music or put something of your collection on in the background.

6. Post Void

A quick guide to Post Void is that if it moves, kill it quickly! The soundtrack of this game is fantastic and very metal. It features some high-octane gory combat; it is certainly one to try and take time to listen to the effort they put into the music that accompanies the gameplay.

7. Iron Maiden: Ed Hunter

This one is a bit of a curveball; Iron Maiden is primarily an album, but it is also a game. It might not be the best game ever, but it’s pretty good, and it certainly ticks the heavy metal box. The soundtrack is provided by the band themselves, and is classic Maiden type stuff. The game is rather basic, there are only eight levels, but it is good fun and takes up a few hours of your time.

8. Killing Floor 2

It was always unlikely that any of our games would be cute and flowery so let’s check out the next gorefest. Killing Floor 2 is a co-op for six players where you must get on and kill as many different Zeds as possible. There is also Versus Survival, a 12-player mode that ups the ante and adds fun to the game. One to check out if you like causing mayhem. When it comes to the soundtrack in the background, anything with the word blood in the title should see you right.

9. Coffee Crisis

We did say cute and cuddly wasn’t likely to happen here, so don’t get your hopes up! Coffee crisis is a post-apocalyptic exploration through the eyes of the few remaining barrister’s who must serve coffee while annihilating aliens using the delights of heavy metal to throw them into the mosh pit. This game can be played solo, but if you want to add some total carnage and make your life even more exciting, grab a few mates and play co-op mode.

10. Doom

Finally, no heavy metal game line-up will be complete without Doom’s massive franchise. It’s got blood, it’s got gore, it’s got ramped-up music, and it has plenty of action to boot.

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