DIVITIUS Guitarists Slither Across the Fretboard in “Serpent Skin” Dual Playthrough

Contrary to popular belief, Portland, OR isn’t currently just home to hipster indie bands. Things actually get pretty brutal in the PNW, as you can see in this playthrough. For the uninitiated, Divitius are a heavy, female-fronted prog band, though you won’t hear any vocals in this video. Showcased here is guitarists Ben Joseph’s and Joe Johnson’s fancy fretwork on a track called “Serpent Skin” – the opener of The Arcadian Parallel, Divitius’s full-length debut set to drop on May 26th.

Aside from enjoying the track itself, gear-geeking is strongly encouraged while watching playthroughs like these. Ben and Joe are using Jackson B8 and Schecter Banshee Elite 8 guitars and sourcing the bulk of their brootz from a Diezel model on an Axe-Fx II. Admittedly, Axe-Fx has made guitarists’ lives a breeze, but has also sucked some of the joy out of talking amps. It’s a fair trade, I suppose…

Anywho, if you call the Pacific Northwest home, you can catch Divitius this summer at one of the following gigs:

June 22nd – El Corozan in Seattle, WA
June 23rd – Bossanova in Portland, OR
July 22nd – Hawthorne Theater in Portland, OR

Otherwise, you can find them on one of the usual social media suspects, like Facebook and Instagram. Be sure to keep your ears peeled for The Arcadian Parallel next month too!

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